Find the PUK code on your TruConnect SIM kit, it will be the 8-digit number below the SIM PIN. First time using the company excellent service phone unlocked within minutes. Simply put in the phone information and let the system get to work for you. I havent experienced great customer service like I have with this company in getting my phone unlocked. It took a couple days but I emailed them and they quickly responded. Direct Unlock had it done in three days for less money. The price was also good, I have no complaints! 3 years ago. Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 from Vodafone UK, Very quickly done without any problems. I was looking on the internet about unlocking phones and I found out this website called direct unlocks and I decide to give a trial to be honest my first thoughts were I dont think its gonna work but it was really impressive it works the only thing I suggest to people that wants to unlock a phone is that search first about which company do you want it to activate the phone you trying to unlock becuase mines metro pcs and T-Mobile dont connected I have a iPhone 5S and I check on their sites to confirm about compatibility and both of them do not accept this type of iPhone no more I do check with simple mobile and the phone do work with them so I have a great experiences it was really easy and fast, Fast, effective service - device was unlocked within 20 minutes, There service was great cleared my locked phone within minutes would recommend to anyone needing this service. Very pleased. Thank you again!! Remove your SIM card and insert the new SIM card. It was an easy process with steps clearly outlined through the entire process. Excellent service I will definitely recommend, Our issue was resolved far faster than I ever anticipated! I would recommend it to anyone trying to unlock their phones, Unlocked iPhone 7 Plus from Claro Guatemala. I would recommend this company. Sure enough the phone was unlocked and I could change provider hitch was most helpful. It was great thanks guys I really appreciate it. Unlocked iPhone XS Max from Bouygues France, Service impeccable. Currently, you can unlock your TruConnect sim card using unlock codes, network codes, puk codes, and by contacting customer services. Traitement trs efficace et rapide mme si cela peut paratre un peu cher ! Worked perfect even over the holidays. In a pinch, these guys came through. I had to get my iphone 8 unlocked for a upcoming trip to Spain, it worked out perfectly being tied to AT&T Business account. Ty so much direct unlocks! This is a Very reliable website, I found out myself. They did it within 10 hours. They unlocked my iPhone 11! Have already recommended to a friend! If i need this service again I will use this site. Unlocking a TruConnect SIM is not a big burden. you just need the VCOM driver connect with the phone off, screen will come on and stay on the trueconnect logo the vcom driver will load (MTK platform obviously). If you need to unlock your phone without an NUC, for example if you forgot your PIN, you can find out how here. Network unlock code for a cloud mobile phone on Truconnect service. The unlock code worked straight away with no problems the email I received with the unlock code explained exactly what to do. Great experience. This took less than three days to successfully unlock my iPhone 14 Pro Max. Direct unlocks is very reliable and easy way to unlock your your phone, it doesnt take no time for them to unlock your phone if your phone passes the requirements. I wasn't sure if this was a glitch or part of the process, but I wish I was provided some information even if this was a normal part of the unlocking process. And the price was affordable. I loved it so much and I highly recommend this company to anyone who is dealing with a locked phone its perfect and cheap. This website and its contents are for informational purposes only. By-the-way, I have not received the code from the first company with which I ordered the unlock. "I highly recommend this product/service. I have been with my phone carrier for years but do to new ownership I'm not happy. The process was simple and very easy to understand. Complete the setup process. The service they provided was very accurate and the timeframe was quick. Everything was explain correctly when I first looked to see how to do it then the form was easy to fill out. Awesome service! and then, Select Properties. As such, its best to check whether or not your phone is compatible by calling the companys customer support service. Perfect service for direct unlock your phone. Only took between 30-45 minutes to complete. ", price is ok but a little bit more communication while processing will be helpfull, It worked immediately as soon as I followed your instructions I followed them to the letter and it worked without and snags or hassle! First, you can use your Cricket account to request a network unlock code for free, and here's how to do so: Step 1. Never. Excellent job! Really easy to use. Great company, will surely use again if i ever need to unlock my phone. Amazing! It was a very fast and easy service. after wasting money on another unlock site I'm happy to say yours worked. Definitely nice service ! My cousin showed me this, I didnt have any faith it would work. Call the TruConnect service provider if your phone and SIM are eligible for unlocking. After proceeding human verification you will complete the process by restarting your phone. But you need to make sure your phone is carrier-unlocked, compatible with TruConnects services and network, and GSM-compatible. A SIM card cannot be carrier-unlocked; rather, if you want to use a TruConnect SIM card with a phone from another carrier, This is the phone that needs to be carrier-unlocked. Was unlocked quickly before the estimated time. With simple instructions to follow. Thank you Direct Unlocks, I think it's an excellent service, my phone is ready, it's a matter of minutes, I recommend it. Clear instructions and payment receipts emailed instantly. Very good. Thank you very much. Within 10mins my phone was unlocked. I did the transaction and waited for the process to be complete. BEST.SERVICE.EVER!! It also took only half the time they had expected it to . Absolutely, even if your TRUCONNECT C6 is under contract with a network provider. Brilliant service from start to finish. They are awesome unlocked my Verizon iPhone 12 within 24 hours and it works great I can take it to any company and get service perfectly no questions asked and no problems and they are decently priced to very cheap and very fast for there service highly recommend them if you want to unlock your phone. Mark. Your TRUCONNECT C6 is secure during the whole Thank you very much. And is not affiliated with any organization. Thank you, very fast and good service to unlock my iphone X, Unlocked iPhone SE 2020 from Digicel (Belize Telemedia) Belize, I am very pleased with direct unlocks excellent customer service and very quick on there delivery , Unlocked iPhone 11 Pro Max from T-Mobile USA, El tiempo de respuesta y la calidad del servicio es excelente. By default, you should see the IMEI code of your Cloud Mobile Stratus C5 if not . Ive needed this for a long time and didnt trust anyone to get the job donehowever i took a chance and yall came throughall i did was pay and waitpainless easy and awesome results ty. Unlocked iPhone 13 Pro Max from Verizon USA. Thanks. Will definitely be using them again if we ever need our phones unlocked. 5 stars for sure! Would recommend this company . I ordered the unlock code and was very impressed with the service. Direct Unlocks was fantastic. Glad I did, was the cheapest option for my particular scenario, the steps given were useful and straightforward. I found this website, through a friend and I was impressed. Once you obtain your SIM PUK code, you can use the PUK code on your phone and SIM to unlock my TruConnect simcard. A SIM card cannot be carrier-unlocked, instead, if you wish to use a TruConnect SIM card with another carriers phone, it is the phone that must be carrier-unlocked, which is a very common practice. Direct unlocks took charge of the situation and advised me that the phone would be unlocked within 24 hours and I did not need to do anything . Unlocked iPhone 13 Pro Max from Movistar Chile, Esta buensimo se desbloqueo mi iPhone y sper facil, Unlocked Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G from Telcel Mexico, Muy buena pgina se las recomiendo, excelente servicio, Excellent service. Very straight forward and easy process. I'm very happy with the level of service I received from Direct Unlocks. My iPhone 6 was locked and nobody seemed interested in unlocking it . Unlocked iPhone 12 Mini from Boost Mobile USA. Excellent, speedy service. You provide me with honest explanation and you did your detailed search, to make sure that my iPhone was not stolen but belonged to me and my wife Kesha. Guess whatI ordered the unlock from another company one week before and had to be molesting them daily for the code which I never got. Thanks. Most site I've looked into say, we will send you the unlock codes and instructions how to do it within 4-5 business days. My experience was great . So instead I found Direct Unlocks, and the process took 10 minutes and pennies compared to my other options. first I tried read codes but it just gave 12345678 i assume the security code so that was useless. Finally, it will ask you to enter the unlock code. Will definitely use again. It was so easy and quick to use. But they did unlock my new iPhone when Verizon was going to make me wait 60 days. I didnt have to go through anything frustrating to get what I needed done. Easy to follow instructions and quick response. Service was quick and effective. Extensive checks were carried out to make sure I owned the handset and that there wasnt anything outstanding on the handset. Unlocked BlackBerry Passport SQW100-1 RGY181LW from Vodafone UK. We usually unlock your TRUCONNECT C6 instantly, sometimes this I was skeptical at first but I was amazed at how Instructions were simple to follow, It was a really quick process took about an hour , it was so much easier then going out and finding a shop that unlocks phones , definitely will be using them again, Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G from EE UK, Very fast and very polite no messing around straight to the point and unlocked my phone very fast. After a couple of days I received the unlock code for my Galaxy S-9. Would highly recommend. Service delivered as advertised. A very good company. This was fast and easy and it worked exactly how it stated it would. Even though I was a nervous after I paid the service, directunclocks proved me they are legit. Very effective and in a short time, recommended. Easy to understand and follow. Needed my phone carrier unlocked as my previous phone decided to die on me which caused me a lot of hassle as I didn't have another phone besides an older iPhone that was carrier locked, but thankfully this service fixed that and it was hassle free and quick! In order to receive a network unlock code for your LG Neon you need to provide IMEI number (15 digits unique number). But after reading the reviews I was at eased. Was told 8 hours to complete, but took over 72 hours. With our online Useful for our needs. THE SERVICE WAS ALSO RAPID. It took two days for my iPhone 14 plus I highly recommend this company!! Cheapest company around. Thank you for a wonderful service within some hours I was able to use my device great thanks, Excelente servicio, rpido, seguro y confiable, en menos de 24 horas liberaron mi iPhone 100% recomendable. If I need to I will use direct unlocks again! It was all done in the comfort of my own home. Would recommend. They said 100% unlock your phone and they did just that. Questions Updated 2 years ago 4.5K 3 0 2 Responses Accepted Solution Fl_retire +35 more ACE - Professor 2.8K Messages 3 years ago @Opheli You need to unlock the AT&T phone. I am very pleased. Thank you so much. Android truconnect secret codes for truconnect d351w. I recommend to everyone. It was done with ease, only took about 24 hours hassle free. The ACP is a government benefit program operated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that provides discounts on monthly broadband internet access service . We offer a live Thanks so much directunlock you all are amazing! THANX AGAIN!! I could not be happier. Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G from ATT USA. Thanks guys! Enter the network unlock code and press OK. Apple iPhone Unlock Instructions: Using a SIM CARD from a different carrier: 1. What could be easier than just pay and in a couple days your phone is unlocked. Thanks a lot for your help. It was done in 24 hours. No muss or fuss. They updated you the whole way and gave you plenty emails for receipts and assurance. Yp dont have to look for a place where somebody has access to unlovking tools and it also helps because you can still do the activities as planned. Greatly appreciated. We unlock your TRUCONNECT C6 'Over-The-Air' using 3G/4G or WiFi or by sending you an Unlock Code - our Thank you for your service. But it works!! Your phone It took a few days but it worked perfectly. Purchased a cleaned phone from Ebay only to find out sim was locked. They will communicate with you step by step even break down your price so there is no confusion. However, you can unlock TruConnect SIM cards in other ways as well. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST AND IT REALLY IS UNLOCKED. Everything was simple and the unlock itself was processed quickly. which is mentioned below: To unlock your TruConnect SIM card, you need a sim network unlock pin and Enter the unlock code and the default PIN. It was quite expensive compared to what I was expecting and took a while to unlock but other than that I've had no problems with my phone/sin since. It took almost a week of processing but to my complete delight, they actually unlocked it and my son is very happy. How to Unlock a TruConnect SIM Card Step 1: Unlock Your TruConnect Network Unlock Code Step 2: Unlock TruConnect Sim card using SIM PIN Step 3: Unlock TruConnect Sim Card using SIM PUK Code Step 4: Call the TruConnect Customer care How To Activate TruConnect SIM Card FAQs to Unlock a Truconnect Sim Card Can I unlock my TruConnect SIM Card? I bought a iPhone that was locked , I tried everything I could think of, hours on hold with customer service, I thought I got scammed! Really good experience. Unlock your phone - Sky Mobile. Wonderful experience overall! I was a little doubtful of the service but man was I proved wrong. available throughout the unlock process and you are notified via SMS and Email when your handset is unlocked. In case you forgot this code, its best not to guess, as one too many wrong attempts will block your SIM card and device permanently. The service was fast and works great I was kept informed every step of the way and the customer service team was excellent in making sure I didn't have any issues with the service. Wanting to unlock a Samsung, took under 1 hour to do. I love the fact the phone was unlocked.. it took sometime but it was done. You need to type the Network Unlock Code when you are asked. Quick and easy to use service In case you have a TruConnect phone number but have to replace your SIM card (due to malfunction, loss, theft, or any other reason), you can easily transfer your existing number to a new SIM card. I went to the ATT store and they said they couldn't help me. Will be a life long customer. Better believe it!! I think it is a very good service and something that is also easy to do. This company saved my life ! Once you get the network unlock code, you can use the network unlock code on your phone and SIM. The process was very straightforward with clear prompts along the way. Really quick and efficient service. 1: See on The Packaging of The Sim Card. I had a great experience using Direct Unlocks. Go to the dial screen on your phone as if you are going to make a call and press: #7465625*638*UNLOCKCODE# (8 digit network unlock code provided in the email) Method 3: Go to the dial screen on your phone as if you are going to make a call and press: #0111*UNLOCKCODE# (8 digit network unlock code provided in the email) Method 4: Works GREAT ! Tap Mobile Network. As a result direct unlocks worked quickly to get me my code to unlock my phone. And for user iphone outside please have try this service so best ta very good. Had a query and again my issue was resolved. Its a great help to people who are busy and cant make time. The process was easy on my end and I was able to track the unlock process the whole time. Service was FAST To unlock Truconnect sim cards, you must be taken care of some things. Quick and easy to get the unlock done on my phone. Thanks direct unlocks for the great customer service. If I ever need more items to unlock I will definitely use this service again. Trusty page, easy to work and very efficient. I love the convenience of the service! It did take a lot longer than expected and then it took a day longer than estimated. Site said it would take 24-48 hours for phone to be unlocked. TruConnect | 4G LTE APN Settings For Windows Go To: App List >> Settings Network & Wireless >> Cellular & SIM When you're on Cellular Section, select your SIM CARD. When it asks for your SIM PIN on the screen, enter the number which you have received on the SIM kit (4 digits). Definitely would recommend. Will use again in the future and will recommend for further use. As such, TruConnect may be compatible with the following phone companies: This means that you may be able to bring a phone purchased from any of these carriers and MVNOs to TruConnect. I have my phone unlocked and fully working for any network. Thank you so much. I would give this experience a 5/5. Top 1: Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) Top 2: NokiaFREE Unlock Codes Calculator Top 3: Multi Unlock Software Top 4: iMobie DroidKit Top 5: PassFab Android Unlocker Set up the unlocking of my device less than 24 hour and it worked well worth the money saved me from spending a lot of money down again for phones i may never pay off so thank you was amazing going to use this to unlock my other phones now thank you guys. First, go to AT&T online unlocking portal and select the option "Unlock your device". Network unlock for LG Neon is simple, easy and fast. Open Settings and scroll to the about section and open it. I wasnt sure this would work and was very skeptical of the 3 day wait period. Follow the step-by-step guide on How Do I Activate My TruConnect SIM Card? That's why I picked Direct Unlocks. Choose the SIM card size that fits your SIM card slot. Your IP: Wir entsperren das Telefon werkseitig, indem wir die IMEI als entsperrt in der Herstellerdatenbank aufzeichnen. AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH AND YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. They notifications kept you updated on progress and the price was cheaper than in-store service, Directunlocks I find online, all goes smoothly. I had great service! I paid the initial fee to see if my number was eligible to be unlocked. I highly recommend this service to anyone. Direct Unlocks was super easy to follow and the timeframe was within a few days which way faster than expected! You should enter your PUK code or call their customer support service and ask them to help you unlock your phone. In this article, you will get the complete guide on how to unlock a TruConnect SIM card. Please note that this review is from an actual customer. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. I had been on phone for a week with tmobil after paying the balance off to get them to unlock it and found direct unlock and problem solved! I will definitely be using Direct Unlock in the future and tell all my family and friends about it! I will be sending other to this website in the future as well as coming back myself. This little three step process to permanently unlock my iPhone made life easy. It took a total of 3 days to unlock. Very fast and reliable . And you delivered as promised. Thanks, Unlocked Huawei P smart Pro 2019 from EE UK. Very pleased with the service. I'm happy with the phone and the deal I got from the company. And made it a priority to fix the issue or whatever it was! Exceptionally fast and efficient service, highly recommended. You can unlock your TruConnect SIM card using SIM PIN, it may work. I turned my phone on with the new sim. fast and insured. Desde mi punto de vista, es la honestidad el fuerte de esta empresa, ya que ten seguridad al momento que la contacta, adems su profesionalidad con que tratan los casos, para mi realizan un trabajo excelente. I think I will deal with you instead of many sources, Unlocked Motorola XT2067-2 from ATT Mexico. My precious provider was xfinity and now the phone is unlocked for all carriers. I got an email confirmation late last night/early this morning and tested out the phone and it works perfectly on the indian network. Hi - we had to request your unlock from the manufacturer after the carrier rejected it, hence why the progress meter reset to zero - you should however have received an email informing you about this, Fast and easy process highly recommend will use in the future for sure. OMGIm so satisfied with the work they have done. Unlocked iPhone 14 Pro Max from Verizon USA, Thank you boss the vz unlock said estimate time of unlock was 3 days but it only took 1 day. But for what I needed, a quick remote unlock service that works, they checked all the boxes. recomment this service 100%, They are super cool, the process lasted about 10 minutes, the unlocking was super fast, Unlocked iPhone 12 Pro Max from Xfinity USA, Truly reliable and efficient! Process was trustworthy and smooth. Be back soon. Awesome job!! To unlock the truConnect SIM card, you can use your phone with other carriers, such as T-Mobile and Sprint. Once payment was made, you were kept up to date with a progress bar so you knew exactly when the unlock was complete. This was my first time to use Direct Unlocks. After it was verified, I was asked to pay an additional fee to unlock which seemed a little questionable, but it worked and wasn't asked to pay anything else. Looked up the company tried to do some due diligence. I made the request yesterday evening, Monday, February 27, 2023, and I received a response this Tuesday morning. However, TruConnect does not offer an online SIM card activation process. Thank you highly recommended, Me gusto el servicio un poco complicado a la hora del segundo pago pero bien, lo recomiendo. After providing the proper code, you will be able to unlock the smartphone. I was able to get the phone unlocked before my friend's birthday despite the fact that I was in Peru. Recommended. Best service out there. Amazingly fast. works well. Samsung Galaxy A13 5G AT&T United States Unlock. Just use our IMEI Network Check tool. I was very happy that even though I was given a five day time frame that it only took one day. I'm using my phone perfectly. perfect!! fast, safe no headhaches. I've been duped before and was a little apprehensive but I'm very glad I made the decision to give them a try. You'll see SIM Network unlocked on the Fire phone. IT WAS SO SIMPLE TO UNLOCK MY IPHONE. They were really fast and very professional! Each transaction got to go through a verification process, which makes me feel confident. It was so easy fillings out the information that direct unlock needed, once I completed the information and submitted my phone was unlocked within ten minutes. Unlocked iPhone 13 Pro Max from Cricket USA, My phone is unlocked and I appreciate doing business with your company. Great service! Deffo will b using them again and telling people about them, The service was straight forward and simple Fast and reliable. Performance & security by Cloudflare. This tool is instant and avoids incorrectly submitting the wrong The response was quick and the service is effective. iPhone 14pro max unlocked and fast work!!! At first, I thought this was a mistake, but I received the unlock code this morning, and when I entered it, it immediately unlocked. At first i was a little skeptical but i tought that i have nothing to lose so i tried. SIM Network Unlock Pin (NUP) is a code that is used to unlock an Android phone or iPhone from its original carrier so that it can be used on other carriers. Great service from direct unlocks. Once I accepted the conditions and payed the fee, it only took a couple of days to receive the unlock codes for my Galaxy 22 Ultra. 207.7K Messages. I purchased a phone from Beat Buy years ago and wanted to give it to my son when I got a new one. Enter your Zip Code and Email to get started: TruConnect offers free monthly plans for Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program-eligible customers. Rapid service and very easy to use , results almost immediate, highly recommend. Thank you, Great customer service, did everything I requested and then some! I paid at 6am yesterday morn an it original said five days the codes were delivered at 10am this morning. The carrier sim locked the phone and refused to unlock it. So, you just need to switch on the device and enter the PIN code of your SIM. You must have only a truConnect SIM unlock code to unlock it. Great job to for making this process a breeze! Once again thank you for your service5 stars all the way!!! I went to a cell phone shop and they failed to unlock after a 7 day wait . I was skeptical because of reviews I read that this service was a scam, but that is far from the truth! Fast and honest service! Got the code in a short space of time, Was very impressed at just how easy it was to use this service Honestly I was kind of skeptical but I decided to give it a shot and not gonna lie it works! I gave them all the info and after 2 days I had the unlock code and it worked perfectly. Direct Unlocks is the best at what they say their going to do. You provide us with easy to find details of your phone e.g. I am very impressed with the service you provide and the quickness of it. I am very happy with the service and Ill be glad to do it again if I need to. Awesome, we are all the way in the Caribbean are able to make meaningful transactions with you. I received email updates during the whole process. Me gust, al principio quise desbloquear un s22 pero no s pudo y lo que me gust es que me guardaron mi dinero que gaste en el s22 y pude desbloquear un Motorola , muchas gracias ! Thank You Direct Unlocks!!! We offer the fastest, cheapest and most trusted unlocks available on the market - fully manufacturer approved. You did a great job, great service. El mejor servicio de liberacin. This is the best company ever, I unlocked my iPhone 11 for any carrier & it was unlocked right away! Everyone says that you cant unlock your phone online without getting scammed but direct unlock made it happen safely and within their estimated time and I would 100 percent Recommend if you are traveling, My experience with the service was excellent, immediately the cost was what is said, the waiting time was indicated and the phone is completely unlocked,I fully recommended it. Will use again, It was great I was scared to do it cause I didnt know itd this would really work but when I did it I wont regret it I definitely referred my cousin, Worked great was done sooner then the tome frame predicted, So frustrating trying to get my phone unlocked but with direct unlock they handles it all for me, Great service that was very fast and very efficient In the service they offer i was expecting it to be some lie and was shocked when I looked and it said my phone had no sim restrictions a2 roadworks bluewater, parker high school football roster,